December 4, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

This is not the first petition calling for direct flights to Northern Cyprus, but this petition started by Kadir Kanizi has received 11,019 signatures in a very short space of time so to reach the target of 100,000 signatures are required in 6 months time (30th October 2021) when the petition will be considered for debate by the UK Parliament.

The petition is currently waiting for 4 days for a government response having reached the 10,000 signature trigger point and in all probability, they may close it down as they have done with previous petitions.

By clicking here you can see a map that shows the total number of votes by MP constituencies so if you have friends and family that live in those areas do please ask them to make their voices heard by signing this petition click here.

If you live in one of these constituencies you can email the sitting MP but for Chipping Barnet there is little point in lobbying Teresa Villiers as she has supported the so-called, Republic of Cyprus for a long time and is not interested in helping the TRNC and Turkish Cypriots.

For my part, I have signed this petition as if I wanted to fly to the UK tomorrow together with my crutches, I would be getting off planes and reboarding in Istanbul after a monumental walk when all I want is to board a plane at TRNC Ercan airport and fly direct to London, Stansted.

Now is that an unreasonable expectation?

Not really but the so-called RoC has held the whip hand for so long and as we noted at the recent 5+UN informal meeting in Geneva they are supported by the UN and EU and are determined to rule the lives of the Turkish Cypriots and anybody else living in Northern Cyprus by maintaining embargoes since 1963 and dissuading any key international players from supporting a two-state solution for Cyprus.

Will the UK live up to its responsibility as a former Cyprus Colonial Administrator and then guarantor power to the Cyprus Independence Agreement which failed and finally help the Turkish Cypriots who have been held in economic chains for all of the past years?

3 thoughts on “May 2021 Petition: Authorise direct flights to North Cyprus

  1. It is time for allowing direct flights to Ercan also from other European countries. I am a widow of a Turkish Cypriot and had last summer the experience flying from Vienna to Larnaca that I was stopped by the Greeks at the Greek/NOrthern Cyprus border and not permitted to cross over to the Northern Turkish side. Our family has a home there and I was very disappointed not being allowed to cross over despite having PRC tests,documents of our property there and documents having the Northern Cypriot citizenship.

  2. ROC needs a wake up call from Western leaders especially UK to leverage a solution after all this time. Clearly ROC has no interest in any compromise solution and should not be rewarded for a situation they created and have perpetuated through selfish desires..They should never have been allowed to join EU at the expense of TRNC..

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