December 7, 2022

Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu gave an interview to “” published online in Azerbaijan and evaluated the latest stage reached regarding the Cyprus problem.

Stating that the 5+UN informal meeting held in Geneva was an “historical turning point” in the 58-year Cyprus issue, Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu said “The two-state solution model based on sovereign equality put forward by the Turkish Cypriot side with the support of homeland Turkey has been put on the record”.

Minister Ertuğruloğlu said, “This is the TRNC’s struggle for independence and sovereignty.”

Stating that the UN Secretary-General examined whether there is a common ground between the parties in Cyprus at the informal meeting in Geneva but, as a result, a common ground could not be found to initiate a new negotiation process, Ertuğruloğlu said that the UN Secretary-General expressed that he needs a few more months to continue the process.

Furthermore, expressing that the TRNC supports the decision of the UN Secretary-General, Ertuğruloğlu stated that their expectations regarding the outcome of the meeting was “in this direction.”

Responding to a question regarding what the roadmap will be in the next period, Ertuğruloğlu emphasised that as long as the inequality the Turkish Cypriot people have been subjected to for years continues, it is impossible to find a common ground”.

Minister Ertuğruloğlu stressed “The essence of the Cyprus issue is of status, it is not possible to come to a conclusion as long as one side is treated as the state and the other as a society. I would like to emphasise that equal international status and sovereign equality are our red line. They are our basic principles, not elements to be negotiated”.

Ertuğruloğlu emphasised that “if a common ground is found on this basis, negotiations can start, or otherwise, we will continue in our own way”.

Indicating that they, as the Turkish Cypriot side, attended the 5+UN informal meeting in good faith and made constructive suggestions, Ertuğruloğlu said that “they can see that the Greek Cypriot side continues its obsolete views that have interrupted the negotiation processes carried out so far”.

Pointing out that the UN Secretary-General is planning to hold another informal meeting within 2-3 months, Ertuğruloğlu stressed that they do not accept the continuation of open-ended informal talks.

Stating that they, as the Turkish Cypriot side, will attend the meeting with the same good intentions in order to give the process another chance, and if the Greek Cypriot side looks positively to the cooperation-based proposals, an agreement can be reached that will help the regional peace and stability, Ertuğruloğlu said that if the Greek Cypriot side continues to maintain its uncompromising attitude, the TRNC will put the recognition policy on the agenda with the support of the motherland ”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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