May 28, 2023

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu, met with tourism sector representatives regarding the 12th April tourism plan to ensure that the “Closed Circuit”  tourism model is opened in the safest way under pandemic conditions.

The Tourism Supreme Council, which held its first meeting last week, held its second meeting today (6th April) under the presidency of the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu, with the agenda of discussing the measures to be taken for the re-activation of tourism, the most important sector of the country’s economy, taking into account public health.

The Tourism Supreme Board meeting with the agenda of 12th April “Closed Circuit” tourism initiative was held with the participation of Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association (KITOB), Cyprus Turkish Travel Agencies Association (KITSAB), Cyprus Turkish Guides Association (KIT-REB), Cyprus Turkish Restaurant Association (RES-BİR), Casino Operators Association,  the President and members of the Association of Public Vehicle Operators (KAR-İŞ), the Cyprus Turkish Public Transport Association and the Eco Agro Tourism Cooperative.  Northern Cyprus Turkcell officials also attended to inform the board about smart wristbands.

In his speech at the meeting, Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu stated that they held the meeting to determine the criteria of the “closed circuit” tourism model that will be launched as of 12th April, in order to ensure that tourism is re-mobilized by considering public health at the highest level.

Minister Ataoğlu said, “We are starting” closed circuit “tourism activities on 12th April by determining criteria suitable for pandemic conditions, without ignoring the public health”, and taking the opinion of the sector as a whole and the criteria to be determined, he stated that they were determined to start.

In the meeting, a presentation was also made by Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell officials about the smart wristbands planned to be used in the “closed circuit” tourism model.

Tourism Supreme Council recommendations will be forwarded to the Health Supreme Council

In his statement regarding the meeting, Minister Ataoğlu stated that the recommendations of the sector representatives regarding the opening will be conveyed to the Supreme Council of Health and that the criteria and measures related to the “closed circuit” tourism model will be announced to the public.

Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, held another meeting with KITOB, CIB and KITSAB officials in order to determine the hotels and accommodation facilities that will be included in the “closed circuit” tourism model after the Tourism Supreme Council meeting. It was also stated that the decisions to be taken at the meeting will be shared with the public in the coming days.

Source (Turkish): Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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  1. Good morning I’m from London and since last year rented in caesur resort hoping to buy I wanted to enjoy the weather the scenery and I am hoping to come beginning of June to renew my contract I will of taken two vaccinations and have been back to work I cannot wait for normality but precautions are important and if we all follow rules I’m sure life continues as we have to start somewhere and I think the time is now I welcome thoughts

  2. Rose Hubbard: As I understand it, from all of the recent complex postings, assuming that you would be allowed to leave the UK (which you are not at present), you would have to pre-book accommodation at your hotel/resort (from a government decreed list) and would have to spend your holiday on those premises, subject to various corona virus tests whilst you are there, There would be no question of you enjoying the scenery or anything else outside the boundary of your accommodation. All of this assumes that you could get a flight to Istanbul then another to Ercan.
    I suspect that there would be very few (if any) who would not decide that if they are prepared to spend their entire holiday in a hotel, they might as well do it without all the hassle of the journey to Cyprus.
    If my interpretation is not correct, I can say only that I have read the same postings as any potential tourist to North Cyprus, who will have reached the same conclusion.

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