December 3, 2022

From the news reflected in the press recently in the protocol signed under the cooperation of TRNC Ministry of Health and Res-Bir, we have learned in astonishment that the restaurants will be inspected by a private security company in terms of Covid-19 measures.

“Protection of Public Health”, not only during the pandemic period, but also for all times, is one of the main duties of Local Governments within the framework of the legal legislation determined by the Central State authority. Especially in such a critical period, we do not find it appropriate to make decisions without asking the Municipalities for information, opinion and sharing the content beforehand.

Officially the authority to inspect belongs to Municipalities. In addition to our powers within the scope of the health-related duties of the Municipalities defined in Article 16 of the First Part of the Municipalities Law 51/1995, it is absolutely not possible for us to transfer our audit authority, which was given to us by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated January 27, 2021 for the Covid-19 Pandemic controls, to a private company, whose nature is specified as a “private security company”, we will not accept it in any way.

All of our people are well aware of the intensive work that we carry out with a very large and expert staff in order to meet the health needs of our country’s favourite touristic port city, Girne, which embraces the whole world with its metropolitan structure and hosts many international organisations. Aware of the importance of our duties and responsibilities, we have taken great care to work with experts in health issues, within the framework of legal regulations, planned official audits and subject stakeholders in a completely independent and fair approach, and, when necessary, with educational organisations, to protect this line we have created at world standards for years. Our highly experienced official inspection officers, who have been subjected to long-term and international Food Hygiene training, work under the supervision of two Food Engineers in our expert staff.

It is a huge technical mistake to evaluate Covid-19 applications as an isolated issue in food and beverage industries. Control of Covid measures, which should be evaluated in full within the scope of general Hygiene and Food Safety issues in food-related workplaces; It is constantly monitored by our official audit teams and when necessary, sanctions are applied to protect public health. If the inspections are found to be insufficient, within the scope of the routine Covid Pandemic controls, which we regularly bring to the public information and including the full closure processes, including uninterrupted weekends, between 04 January 2021 – 31 March 2021; We informed the public that 3303 workplace inspections have been carried out.

We were continuing our main duty regarding inspection before the Pandemic in order to protect the health of our people, and we will continue after the pandemic. These studies, which we have been putting forward for many years, based on the principle of independence and scientific principles, has earned the rightful trust and appreciation of both our people and our tradesmen. As Girne Municipality, it will not be possible for us to share our legal supervisory authority in Girne with the private sector company. On the condition that all our legal rights are reserved, we will follow this issue until the end.

It is announced to the public with respect.

Nidai Güngördü
Girne Municipality Mayor

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality


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