September 26, 2023

Producers, farmers, livestock breeders and producers operating in the Hellim sector made a call to the representatives of the European Commission in respect of the proposal that would enable the geographical registration of Hellim and its import from Northern Cyprus to European Union countries.
Prior to the vote of the proposal to be held today (27th March 2021), the representatives of the European Commission were urged to decide in a way that also protects the rights of the Turkish Cypriot producers.
The Chamber of Industry, The Cyprus Turkish Farmers Union, the Dairy Producers Association, the Cyprus Turkish Animal Producers and Breeders Association and Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, which organised an event at the Ledra Palace Border Gate for this purpose, also expressed their concern regarding experts, who will carry out health inspections in the production of halloumi, to be appointed by the Greek Cypriot Administration
During the event, a letter addressed to the General Director of the European Commission’s Structural Reform Support Service Mario Nava, was also read concerning the demands and the uneasiness of the Turkish Cypriot side.
Pointing out that the letter was not received from the Greek Cypriot border gate at Ledra Palace despite all attempts, the producers stated that the official of the European Union Support Office made a statement that they did not come to the point agreed on the grounds that “the press is available”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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