September 26, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Usually we ignore the fact that almost 11% of the world population do not have access to improved water facilities. The term “improved water facility” is open to discussion. There are various clauses and sub-clauses of this classification, yet the fact does not change. A very large number of human beings do not have access to drinking and/or usable water.

According to the World Health Organisation it has been estimated that by the year 2025 almost half of the world population would be living in “water-stressed areas”. There is no need to dig into the meaning of this, since the fact remains the same. The world is going to have serious problems about availability of water in the very near future.

So what is the world doing about this? Unfortunately right now the world is too busy in fighting with Covid-19. But what was the world doing before the start of the pandemic? Unfortunately, nothing very concrete.

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The fact is that the developed world does not have any shortage of drinking water. It is the poor countries, mostly in undeveloped areas of the world, who have been passing through such hardships for a long period of time. That’s the reason why the world is not showing much concern about shortage of drinking water in those areas. Just think for a moment, if the American or European countries come to know that almost 50% of their population would not be having any facility to drinking water, in the near future, what would be the reaction? I am sure the wealthy countries of the world would have instantly channeled their finances in finding ways and means to meet the expected catastrophe.

Unfortunately, this is the naked truth. Lives of the “haves” is more precious than the lives of the “have nots”. This is how the justice in this world stands presently.

I believe that there are certain things in this world, which are not supposed to exist at all. The world as a whole must think over the reasons, instead of only tackling a problem when it surfaces. This is the reason, why all the problems of the world come up again and again, in different parts of the world. To me all organisations who appear to deal with world problems are biased, since they tackle with the problems, whereas they are supposed to tackle with the reasons for the problem. They do not know the reasons, but do not want to tackle them, since they are beyond their power.

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So those who have the real power in their hands, should rise up to tackle the reasons of all problems existing today. This way they will not only get rid of the existing ones, but would also be able to develop a structure and a system that would never allow any such problems to erupt again in the future.

But the way I think is I am sure, nothing is going to happen. There are many other people who think like me, but are not heard. Still, I am hopeful that one day sense will prevail, and all humans existing on earth will become equal to each other.

This is the dream I have. This is my dream.

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