June 4, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

Our friend Sara Palmer has shared news of her joint Podcast made with Roger Bara where they chat to another friend, a Yank in North Cyprus.

“How did an American, married to a Russian come to live in North Cyprus?  Sara and Roger chat with Bogaz resident Dean Lewis about why he and his wife have made the TRNC their home and what they enjoy about it.  *This interview was recorded before the current covid restrictions.

We are both great fans of the country, warts and all!, and want to share all aspects of life, living, and holidaying here.

Would love plenty of support as we get this project going, and would be very happy to hear from anyone who would like to contribute on any subject concerning North Cyprus.

Hope you enjoy it….the first three episodes are now available.”

Editor’s Note: In the weeks ahead we hope to be able to promote news of new podcasts as they are published by Sara and Roger and in the meanwhile for those that want to make contact with Talking Round North Cyprus please place your details in the contact box below.

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