News will be creating Podcasts

By Chris Elliott….

The world of communications is an exciting and ever changing place and we have been publishing news and reviews on our CyprusScene website for around 7 years and sharing this on social media pages and over 3 years ago we started publishing a weekly online e-newspaper which can be downloaded free.

We recently started online interviews with group discussions coming very soon but that’s not all CyprusScene has to offer.

Exciting news has arrived that by using the latest technology we can now take any post from our website and automatically create a Podcast with a generic voice or original voice.

Readers may be asking themselves what’s a Podcast? This is an audio recording of news or reviews that is published for an audience that wishes to receive their news and reviews in this way and this format is now in use by the leading media companies along with their live TV broadcasts or videos.

So I am pleased to say with this article we have created our first Podcast and this will be followed with more very soon and we shall be looking back at the tremendous archive of very interesting reviews and will be bringing some of these back for your enjoyment.  

For those readers who wish to contact me at to perhaps share their news please complete the contact box below.

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