February 6, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

With those aging years creeping on and having had a back operation with spine fusion and then living with a false hip that needs replacing, life is not so enjoyable, and then having had the misfortune to take a tumble and finding your leg attached to the false hip is broken meant more surgery and the need to recover.

Sadly with COVID -19 and lockdowns the opportunity for further treatment and rehabilitation has been very difficult but I have been blessed with good friends who have helped me with walking and exercises at home but I have become frustrated that I have become an expert hopping around the house with a walking frame but feel I am not making the best of opportunities to regain my fitness and mobility.

My surgeon confirmed recently my new hip is well set and that the broken leg is healing and until I am able to travel and seek physiotherapy I decided I needed to do something else so reflecting on past experiences I decided to make a start on that long road  of recovery

In the past, I had a martial arts background with time spent enjoying Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) so I headed back to those disciplines to make a stress free as possible start on that long road back to strength and mobility .

In the past, I had the pleasure of meeting and studying Chi Kung (Qigong) with Tarik Tekman who with the starting of the coronavirus problems produced a series of Youtube home study videos that were published over a 15 week period and I had followed these but misfortune had prevented me continue my home study.

Times do change and your mind and body signal they want to make a change so this week I started over by working with the week one video which gave a gentle shake to the system but a week down the track I am feeling small improvements in balance, leg strength and the feel good factor.

So I would like to share this option with our readers by showing below the first week’s Standing Tree Qigong Week 1/15 Wuji video and I know that working with the other videos over the next 15 weeks I will have recovered strength and mobility and hope that by then COVID-19 will be more under control and I can then start to enjoy life out of the house again.

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