May 31, 2023

Margaret Sheard talking about online e-newspaper

Hello my name is Chris Elliott and I would like to welcome you to this pilot video review.

CyprusScene has been publishing news and reviews from Northern Cyprus for the past 7½ years on our website and for the past 165 weeks, we have been publishing a weekly online e-newspaper which contains increasing contributors news, reviews, and events which is becoming the favourite read of many.

So heading into yet another lockdown in 2021 from 2020 we would like to reach out and involve more contributors with messages and plans that they want to share with others

So without further ado may I introduce my partner and designer of our e-newspaper Margaret Sheard

Welcome Margaret, so tell us a little about the e-newspaper.


Hello, well having both been involved in writing as contributors for Local newspapers in the past and wanting to promote Northern Cyprus where we live, we first created our website through which we publish daily many articles from contributors some of which are translated from Turkish, this is not always easy!

We did try to go back to our roots and launch a local newspaper through retail outlets but this proved to be  problematic so we decided to create an online E-newspaper which can be downloaded and the major benefit is that it is read worldwide and brings to the readers a weekly selection of news and reviews that can be read just like a conventional newspaper and this appeals to another selection of readers to our news channel that prefer receiving news once a week..

While contributing to various newspapers I spent time with the page makers and became very interested in how they produced the pages, and felt this was something I would like to try, and so eventually I found myself designing pages, which although is most satisfying it is very time consuming and very dependent on the internet.

So what of the future? We have a steady flow of news and reviews from our contributors which we publish for those increasing readers who prefer our news either daily or weekly, but with worldwide lockdowns people are now commuting in different ways and Chris will tell you about our plans to produce videos where some of our readers and contributors can share their thoughts, plans and needs for the future in a video interview.


Thank you Margaret and video reviews will be a new feature of our promotional activities and although social media pages are full of news posts which many people click like or not without reading the full article which is sad because they only have a brief understanding of the topic.

So working on the basis of videos which like TV bring news views and reviews in a different format we are looking forward to hearing from individuals or groups that want to join us in this new project and they can email me  on

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