June 9, 2023

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Following a statement by the TRNC MINISTRY OF HEALTH yesterday 24th January, the following decisions were made.

In line with the decisions taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee under the Infectious Diseases Law 45/2018, the Ministry of Health has decided to implement the following Additional Precautionary Decisions.

Until the next decision to be taken in private and public schools in the region between Çatalköy and Karsiyaka, it has been decided to stop the face-to-face education (including classroom, study, private lessons, and course activities) and to switch to online education. Schools outside of this region have been allowed to adopt face-to-face education (including classroom, study, private lessons and course activities) as of January 25, 2021. However, it was not deemed appropriate for students and teachers who resided in the Çatalköy – Karsiyaka region and went to other regions to study and work, to go to their educational institutions and work until the next decision.

Due to the increased local contamination within the borders between Alsancak and Karsiyaka, it has been decided to close the following workplaces and activities in these regions until the second decision to be taken as of January 25, 2021 at 05:00.

  • Entertainment places, bars, clubs, taverns
  • Cinema, coffee house / coffee house, bet offices
  • Gyms, massage parlours, internet cafes
  • Barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, massage parlours
  • Restaurant, patisserie, cafe, buffet etc.

Arrangements will be made so that only package services and pick-up services of the places are open.

The decisions taken at the previous meeting, which were valid, will continue to be implemented.


There has been a lot of information circulated in respect of the vaccination roll-out for Residents over the age of 65.  At this moment we are evaluating all of the information and once this has been confirmed by our Government contacts we will circulate the information.

We are aware from statements made by the Health Ministry that as a result of a further batch of vaccines arriving in the TRNC this week, the planned retention of 50% of the available vaccines to ensure those already vaccinated receive their second alloted dose has been changed to enable the remaining vaccines to be made available to over 65s.

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