December 7, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Indeed the year 2020 can very easily be declared as most horrible year for many, like me.  As the end of the year had started coming near, we all had been pinning our hopes on the incoming year, waiting for some dramatic change to happen, as the calendar turns to 2021.

Now, the most awaited year 2021 has arrived. We are just finishing the first week.

The first most important news particularly for TRNC citizens is that the first instalment of Covid-19 Vaccines has arrived, and the process of vaccination is just going to start. We all wait eagerly for commencement of this process.

However, whereas on one side we are eager to be vaccinated, somewhere in our minds we all have some confusion and doubts. For example, there is news that in a number of patients, on whom the vaccines were tested, some side effects were noticed. These side effects indeed differ from person to person, but it is a fact, which must not be ignored.

Though the manufacturers of these vaccines say that these were initially tested, and the results were up to the mark, but still some of us look at these announcements with some doubt. They think that the vaccines must be tested on many more numbers of human beings.

But the fact is that COVID -19 is speedily taking more and more human lives. The score of lives lost is mounting with every day. In such a situation there is no other way but to rush for vaccines.

Since the vaccines have been produced by different pharmaceutical companies in different countries, some people are still trying to compare them. For example, some people think that a European vaccine may be more effective compared to the Chinese. But at the same time some other people are thinking totally opposite.

However, the fact is that the much awaited vaccine has at last arrived, and the hopes to win the war against the COVID -19 virus are on the rise. Indeed the vaccination process will take much time, but with the passage of time the graph of death toll of humans will take a turn downward. This is what we all hope.

With all this going on, nobody is thinking of poor people, in Asia, in Africa, in South America, etc, who are still looking towards the wealthy world for help. According to them, they do not ask for a vaccine, because they want to wage war against hunger, joblessness and poverty. The sufferings of people affected by war in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc, do not need any vaccine. They want attention of the wealthy part of the world. For them, there is nothing in the year 2021 for them, as they are still hungry, suffering and dying.


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