February 7, 2023

A meeting regarding the latest developments in Cyprus was held at the Presidency under the chairmanship of the President Ersin Tatar. Members of the Negotiation Team and Senior Staff participated in the evaluation meeting on the current developments in Cyprus.

According to the information from the TRNC Presidency, at the meeting President Tatar repeated his opinion for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem which is based on sovereign equality and two states solution.

 Source TRNC Public Information Office

3 thoughts on “An evaluation meeting entitled ‘Cyprus’ held at the Presidency

  1. If you believe in Democracy (Greek Idealism) then yy must also believe in JUSTICE and EQUITY!
    If you do not your Belief system is not concurrent with DEMOCRACY!

  2. Democracy is Originally a Greek conception and at the time a Great step forward in ‘Political and Philosophical Thought’ however if you truly believe in it you must also believe in SHARING and all types of FREEDOM because with out these these prerequisits the Democratic’ Movement is and becomes a Democracy in name only!

  3. I look at the Cyprus problem from the Workman’s point of view if you try to fix something and one method of repair doesn’t work COMMONSENSE tells us that we should try another?

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