December 12, 2023

The TRNC Presidency condemned the United States regarding the sanction decision taken against Turkey.
In the statement of the TRNC Presidency which evaluated the sanction decision of the US against Turkey it is stated “Turkey condemned the US sanction decision taken on the 14th December 2020 due to the purchase of S-400 air defence systems. The decision against Turkey, which is one of NATO’s most important members, is incompatible with the alliance relationship.”
The statement, which mentions that the USA decided to impose an embargo on the grounds of the Peace Operation that saved Turkish Cypriots from mass murder in 1974, reminded that the US lifted the arms sales embargo which was imposed on the Greek Cypriot Administration and also continues: “The Republic of Turkey took a decision as a sovereign country to strengthen its own defence. The United States should respect this decision”.
The statement also notes: “We support Motherland Turkey’s constructive proposal to resolve the issues through dialogue and diplomacy and we expect the US to reconsider this wrong decision”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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