December 3, 2022

While the Greek Cypriot leadership violates the Human Rights of the Turkish Cypriot people at all times, it continues its efforts to mislead international public opinion with its arrogant statements.

The Greek Cypriot leadership, which turned the island into a bloodbath through the EOKA terrorist organisation with the intention of connecting the island of Cyprus to Greece since the mid-1950s, resorted to all kinds of violence to achieve this goal. The Greek Cypriot Administration of 1960 expelled the Turkish Cypriots from the Republic Partnership, and with the terrorist acts which started in December 1963, it tried to destroy the Turkish Cypriot people on the island by attacking the right to life for 11 years. The Turkish Cypriots, who were liberated after the epic resistance of our people and eventually the Turkish Peace Operation, gained their state in 1983 and proved once again that they would never bow to these pressures.

The Greek Cypriot leadership is trying to achieve what it cannot do with weapons through the state and status they usurp. The relevant Greek Cypriot Ministry, which has made obstructing the Turkish Cypriot people its reason for existence in every field, has made it a principle to work with all its might to prevent our youth and children in social, cultural and sports fields. This is a violation of Human Rights and these activities should be viewed clearly. This mentality, which develops itself to represent our country in various fields and regards the breaking of young hearts as a success, which is prepared intensively for these activities, has been keeping the Turkish Cypriot people at the negotiation table for more than 50 years with negotiation processes and increasing the activities of usurping our rights appearing as the sole owner of the island.

It should be known that the Turkish Cypriot people will never bow to the efforts and pressures of the Greek Cypriot leadership. This understanding, which tries to isolate the Turkish Cypriot people by violating universal human rights in all areas of life without hesitation, will never achieve its goals. If there is a party violating human rights on the island of Cyprus, it is the Greek Cypriot leadership.   This reality is very well described in recent and past history.

In the light of these facts the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs deplores the latest statement issued by the Greek Cypriot leadership on Human Rights Day attacking Motherland Turkey with baseless accusations.

Source (Turkish)  : TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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  1. could not agree more. Shame they should call themselves Christians because they do NOT display any Christian principles or ethics

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