December 3, 2022

President Tatar had his first meeting with the United Nations Secretary General’s temporary envoy Jane Holl Lute yesterday (1/12/2020) and conveyed to her that although the Turkish Cypriot side will attend a 5+1 conference they will not negotiate a federation.

In his statement to the press, Tatar stated that Lute made contacts to see whether there was a ground for a  “5+1 conference” or not.

Tatar stressed that the proposal for an informal “5+1” meeting which will be attended by  the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot side with guarantor powers Turkey, Greece, and Britain as well as the United Nations is essential in terms of  expression of the new realities of Cyprus and to gain a new ground in the negotiation process.

Indicating that the “5+1” conference should definitely be convened, Tatar stated that the views which were discussed in the meeting on 1st December, the conference will provide the opportunity to express the views there as well. Stating that the realities and conjuncture of Cyprus have changed, Tatar said, “The conjuncture now reveals two-state models based on sovereign equality in Cyprus”. Tatar also added that he conveyed to Lute that he supports a fair and permanent solution that would benefit all Cypriots, and a win-win situation could arise.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


1 thought on “5+1 Conference, Turkish Cypriots will not negotiate a federation

  1. Well done, Ersin: now let’s see some really supportive actions and forward-thinking from Ankara,towards a solution which will benefit everyone. And why not make it “5+2”, by inviting the EU along to explain how it plans to implement the promises it made to Turkish Cypriots in 2004 if they voted for the Annan Plan -and never kept?

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