Girne Municipality 19th International Olive Festival

DIGITAL FESTIVAL  –  Festival Social Media Program

Friday, October 16, 2020 at 17:00

Festival Keynote Speech and (9th International Cartoon – Humour Festival Contest).
Announcement of Final Results and Online Opening of the exhibition (Facebook Live Stream).

Nidai GÜNGÖRDÜ – Mayor of Girne
Serhan GAZIOĞLU – President of Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association
Huseyin CAKMAK – Secretary General of the Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association

Cartoon Exhibition: From October 19, 2020, will be open to visitors who are required to observe the wearing of a mask and social distance rules.

Location: Girne Municipality New Service Building Entrance Hall

18:00 – Folk Dance Show: Kyrenia Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble (video)
18:30 – Olive and Olive Oil Production Studies of Producers  Yavuz UMAR, Hakan TEMIZYUREK,Savaş UMAR, Omer MAVIGÖZLÜ (video)
19:00 – Seminar: Cyprus and Olives – Speaker: Huseyin KARANFILOĞLU – Agricultural Engineer of TRNC Institute of Agricultural Research (Hortictant Plant Specialist)  –  Moderator: Mehmet ATAK – Agricultural Engineer (video)
19:30 – Olive Care and Harvest: Delightful Gardens with Serdar ARAPOĞLU (archive video)
20:00 – Music: Far But Close  –  ‘Hasan GUNYUZ – İbrahim ÇETİNER – Demircan ULUGÜN’ (video clip)
20:15  –  Concert: Kyrenia Municipality Turkish Art Music Ensemble 15. Year Concert (archive video)

Saturday, October 17, 2020

17:00  –  Hands That Give Life to The Earth – Ceramic Art and Productions in Our Country.   Ceramic Artists: Hasan EMINAĞA, Bedia KALE (video)
17:30  –  Folk Dance Show : Girne Youth Center Association (archive video)
17:45  –  Handicrafts in Our Country – Production Studies.  Lapta Account Builders: Sidia Bilsen RUSO and Sadiye Ayper ÇALIKAN.
18:00  –  Photo Exhibition from Cyprus to the World & Social Media Interaction Studies with Its Own Narratives.
Altuğ GALİP & Alp GALIP SOCIAL Media Photo & Travel Video Interactors.
18:30  –  Olive Oil Delicacies and Effects on Our Health: Applied in the Kitchen (video).    Participants: Naile SOYEL (Food Engineer), Mustafa SHAH (Gourmet), Onur KARAÇAY (Executive Chef).
19:00  –  Presentation & Poetry Concert in Memory of “Ali Nesim” – The Life and Works of Ali Nesim.  Presentation: Prof. Dr. Şevket ÖZNUR  (Researcher-Writer- President of the Turkish Cypriot Writers’ Association).
Poetry Music: Lyric Poetry Group (Yıltan TAŞÇI, Merter REFIKOĞLU, Serkan SOYALAN) (video).
19:30  –  Theatre Screening: Is It Easy to Be a Star?  Çatalkoy Municipal Theatre Studio (video).
20:00  –  Concert: 17. Turksoy Opera Days.   “In Memory of Leyla Gencer” – Bellapais 26/09/2014 (archive video).