August 14, 2022


By Richard Beale ……..

Late last night (Oct 7th) we received some really bad news, regarding the “Oily Dogs”, Peanut and Popeye (see my previous posting click here) that we have 24 hours to remove the dogs from the empty/deserted house they are staying in, while they recover from being spayed and neutered.

I know the weather of late has been incredible but winter is just around the corner and we were hoping that they could stay a little longer. Even though the estate where they are staying is 97% empty, the committee and Management Company think otherwise.

What can we do? do we simply dump them back to the oil pit in the forest?  I personally would feel as guilty as the heartless b……d who originally dumped them there in August.

Please is there anybody out there who can help?  The situation for these 2 beautiful dogs is URGENT and CRITICAL.

Can anybody provide permanent accommodation or temporary/foster accommodation or a safe empty house/shelter for them while we try to find a suitable home for them.

The clock is counting down on Peanut and Popeye, please help if you can! Contact me 0533 8309968.

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