December 1, 2023

Readers Mail ….
From Kate Davies ….

Sunday 20th September saw the second of James Butler’s art exhibitions. The venue this year was Happy Garden, Ozanköy and took place between 15.30pm and 19.00pm. Two live feeds were streamed onto Facebook for those that couldn’t attend or wanted to stay at home. The first live feed took place during set up and a sale was made as a result of this.

The first real life viewers however were through the door at 15.00pm keen to see if anything caught their eye. There was a steady stream of viewers throughout the afternoon, some looking to James for inspiration with their own artwork, some looking for future purchases, and some looking to purchase (which they did).

James was pleasantly surprised to receive a visit from Cyprus Today. The event had been placed in their “What’s On” but there had been no indication that they would be attending. They took a number of photos and spoke briefly with James so hopefully it will be in an edition soon.

Off the back of one sale James also received a commission enquiry from a friend of the purchaser who had seen the painting in its new home. Hopefully this will come to fruition.

As always it was a lovely afternoon at Happy Garden, we would like to thank everyone that gave support and once again Erbay (Elvis) at Happy Garden for the use of his venue.

If anyone is interested in the artwork then please feel free to call James on 0533 8307558 (also available on WhatsApp and Viber)  or take a look at the Facebook page.  James Butler Facebook link :  click here 

See some of the art by James Butler below :  Photos courtesy of Erol E Kephales

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