December 12, 2023

By Trevor Hughes ….

UK Bank Statements

Note: If you require a statement of account from your bank in the UK in support of your Temporary Resıdence application, some, if not all, will NOT show the account holders, name due to security reasons. This may cause problems when applying for Temporary Residence.

Private Health Insurance (Residency)

If you are endeavouring to reclaim your health insurance payment from KOOP Bank, you now have to email the Ministry on requesting a refund which will probably take up to 4 weeks before you get reimbursed.

If you are granted a two year residency permit, you can only pay for 1 years Health Insurance. Quite how they propose to make the Health Insurance renewal remains to be seen.

 Court Registrar

The system for registering your Last Will & Testament has changed slightly and now you need to make an appointment to register your Will(s). You must e-mail and request an appointment. You will then receive a reply with a date and time to attend. Failure to apply will prevent you from registering your Will at the court. Remember to take your latest passport with you, together with 98TL in postage stamps. Ensure you keep a copy of your Will for your safekeeping.

Temporary Residence Family Permit

Some people are choosing a Family Permit because they may not be able to meet the minimum criteria regarding their financial resources. The downside to this is that you need a sponsor (male or female) and their partner/spouse does not need to show their income, because the sponsor will cover their cost, both names need to be on the kocan and bank statements. It is now unnecessary for the person who is being sponsored to pay for the health Insurance as the sponsor will cover the costs of treatment of the State hospital.

Temporary Residence

When applying for the above, if you have less than 1 year remaining on your passport and your application has been successful, you will only be awarded one year or less, depending on how much time remains on your passport. Your application will coincide with the expiry date on your passport.

Final Stage of The Temporary Residence Procedure

The Authorities here have tinkered with the above procedure again!!

  1. When you get an email form from the Ministry, you are now in a position to make the final step, to be awarded your Temporary Residence.
  2. Have your password to hand and your credit card in order for you to make the payment.
  3. Complete the information boxes as required.
  4. Although you may have been awarded two years residency, you can only make a one year’s payment. You will need to re-enter the site in twelve months’ time (one year at a time) to make the second payment.
  5. Make your payment, which is currently 467.20 TL pa which includes the cost of postage stamps. If entered correctly, job done!
  6. You can now print off your official permit.

NOTE: Your residence permit will commence from the date your application was fırst made, not a full twelve months.

What a Performance!

(With effect from Monday, September 7th 2020)

Driving without having passed a driving test: 935 TL.
Driving in the opposite direction: 2000 TL.
Not wearing seat belts: 1008 TL.
Disregard of traffic signs, or having damaged license plates or such, as littering the roads, or blocking traffic: 488 TL.
Drunk driving: 1.002 TL for 1st time, 3256 TL for 2nd time, 4.018 TL for 3rd time.
Refusing to take an alcohol test: 9.869 TL.
Not letting pedestrians crossing at the pedestrian crosswalk (zebra) : 678 TL.
Driving without insurance: 1008 TL.
Driving without (or with an invalid) license: 9.918 TL.
Speed limit out of town 80 km/h (if not shown otherwise).
● 88 km/h – 104 km/h: 935 TL.
● 104 km/h – 120 km/h: 2488 TL.
● 120 km/h and above: 4002 TL
Four lane highway out of town 90 km/h (if not shown otherwise).

Speed limit in towns, 50 km/h (if not shown otherwise).
● 55 km/h – 65 km/h: 535 TL.
● 65 km/h – 75 km/h: 988 TL.
● 75 km/h and above: 5002 TL.

Disregarding red traffic lights 936 TL.
Talking on a mobile phone whilst driving: 535 TL.
Parking ban disregarded: 709 TL.

The road known as the Lefkosa Girne mountain road (past Arapkoy) has restrictions for Lorries and buses. If they have assisted braking then the max. speed is 40 kph and in 3rd gear. If they don’t, then its 30 kph in 2nd gear.

For residential areas the max. speed is 50 kph. In these areas for vehicles carrying hazardous materials they must not exceed 30 kph in 2nd gear.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram Holidays in the month of September 2020

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