March 23, 2023

Work resumed on the North Lefkosa Ring Road project, following a delay of about six years. The project, which was tendered within the framework of the TC – TRNC Highways Master Plan, for which construction was suspended for a long period of time due to interim orders, when the contractor firm went bankrupt, was revived thanks to intensive studies and the resources transferred within the framework of the TC-TRNC Economic Cooperation Protocol. At the end of 2018, filling operations started in the sections where intermediate orders were abolished. Following the completion of the filling processes, the intersections, connections and asphalting works on the road will be started. With the completion of guardrail, road marking, vertical and horizontal traffic markings, the route will be opened to traffic flow.

The project, which is between Nicosia-Güzelyurt Highway and Değirmenlik-Girne main road, will create an important alternative to the East-West connection route of the country and will contribute towards easing the Lefkosa traffic, at this stage, it will be 9.14 km between Lefkosa-Girne highway and Haspolat-Taşkent highway. A total of 10.75 km, 1.61 km of which will connect the Lefkosa-Gazimağusa main road, will be completed and opened to traffic. In the continuation of the project, the 5.60 km section of the road between Haspolat-Taşkent highway and Değirmenlik-Girne highway will be completed.  This will give an alternative connection opportunity between Lefkosa-Girne highway and Değirmenlik-Girne highway. Some of the intermediate orders in the area where the clover intersection, which is planned to be built at the point where the project will be connected with the Lefkosa-Girne highway, has been removed.

There is a clover junction, Lefkosa Industrial Zone roundabout, Hamitköy roundabout, Lefkosa-Gazimağusa highway connection road roundabout, Haspolat-Tashkent highway bridge junction and this project There will be a multi-level intersection at the connection point to the main road.

An important part of the project is aimed to be completed by the end of 2020.

Source (Turkish) :  Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

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