North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for August 2020

By Trevor Hughes ….

Commercial Grade Vehicles

The Law has changed regarding the purchase of commercial graded vehicles in the TRNC.

Only people from Turkey or a TRNC citizen can make the purchase of a new vehicle to this country.

However, after one month when the owner of the vehicle, being Turkish or a TRNC citizen, can then sell the same vehicle to any other nationality without penalty.

Payment of Temporary Residence Emergency Health

To make payment for emergency health, when applying for temporary residence you need to enter the same site as you did when applying for an appointment with the Police Immigration Department.

Payment is made via a credit/debit card. You can only apply for 1 year now, not two! You will then need to make a second payment in 12 months time, via the same procedure.

When making your online payment, it will only be accepted from a card from the TRNC. Otherwise, payment will be rejected.

Temporary Residence

There are a number of people who still  have the old residency permit which can be valid until August 2021. The question is, do they need to apply for Temporary Residence before their current permit expires? The answer is,  you do not need to apply for a renewal permit until one month before the current one expires.

Temporary Residence

I bring to your attention, if you are currently residing here for more than 90 days in a six-month period, it is Law that you must apply for Temporary Residence and comply with all the regulations appertaining to making a successful application.

I recommend that if you have not applied as yet you should apply in the next few weeks, because your appointment at the Immigration Department at your main town Police station is moving further out due to the number of applications.

If you leave it to the end of October and have not successfully obtained your residence permit, as each and every day passes by you will be fined 100TL per day (currently) until you conform.

Please don’t moan about the offices were closed due to the COVID-19 virus, because you will be told that you have had over 12 months to apply, it won’t wash!!

UK Passports

It is Law here, as in many other countries, that you must have at least six-months left on your passport and that if you are intending to remain here you must apply for a renewal.

When applying for your Temporary Residence, if you have less than six months remaining before it expires, you will only get a Temporary Residence permit for six-months. Act Now before it is too late.

Due to COVID-19, there is a large backlog in the UK  for renewal applications and it is taking longer to process. Remember any unused time remaining on your passport will not be added onto your new passport!!

TRNC Health Insurance

The payment system for Temporary Health Insurance with Koop Bank has changed. The new system requires you to pay for your Health Insurance online after signing up and applying for your appointment to attend at the main Police Immigration Department.

You will need to pay using a TRNC credit card. No other card or method of payment will be accepted. During the payment procedure, you must be with the person who owns the credit card, because the system will ask you to enter a verification code that will be sent via SMS to the phone number linked to the credit card.

If you are under 60 years of age, it is mandatory to have a blood test. Your online application will inform you of the clinic name, address and contact number at which you must attend.

Your payment is made directly to the clinic and after 48 hours they will process the results directly to the Ministry of Interior for their processing.

This system is becoming easier as each and every week passes, although there is still some way to go before perfection is achieved.

If you have paid for the Health Insurance directly to the Koop bank, this payment will not be accepted by the Ministry. If you have paid for the insurance  go to the bank where the payment was made and ask them for a refund. The refund will take about four weeks to process.

Rental Agreements

New Rental Agreements will only be accepted by the Tax Office if it is written in both English and Turkish.

All taxes paid must be made at the Tax Office and formally stamped by them, providing the Rental Agreement has been logged and the tax is paid.

When applying for Temporary Residence the Immigration Department will accept the agreement if all of the above has been carried out.

Change of Vehicle Ownership

This can only be done in the mornings at the Tax Office. They will not process it on Thursday afternoons.

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