October 1, 2022

The British Residents’ Society published their August newsletter on 4th August 2020 and we are sharing an extract with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus and Travel Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 



Now only TC citizens and other authorised persons can travel to and from the Republic of Cyprus. Once this changes you will be notified.

Our advice is that until further notice if you are booked onto a flight to the UK from either Larnaca or Paphos OR planning to fly to either airport with the intention of travelling onward to the TRNC speak to your airline and explain you are being refused access to your destination.  Hopefully, you will be able to reschedule the flights or obtain an ‘open ticket’ or refund, as for the time being your ONLY route to the TRNC is via Ercan.

When this changes we will inform you.


The Ministry of Health said in a statement that those people who want to have a PCR test will need to go to Lefkosa (Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu) State Hospital and should apply and pay at the Outpatient Diagnosis Centre.

Tests can be completed during the day or the next day, they advised that those with Negative Results should carry the receipt for the TL 300 payment with the PCR test result.

Tests can also be undertaken at the Near East hospitals at a cost of 200tl, those participating hospitals can be found on https://neareasthospital.com/


On Friday 17th July, the first National photographic exhibition was held by the Medi Foundation on the theme of addiction. The event was held at the ancient Bedestan in Nicosia and was attended by the Minister of Health and Culture, Mr Nazim Cavusoglu and Hasan Karaokco, of the Ministry Drug enforcement Commission.

Medi Foundation is an Association for Combating Addiction and is a volunteer movement in Northern Cyprus, aiming to raise awareness about all kinds of harmful addictions that reduce the quality of human life and to develop solutions specific to their species by researching the negative effects of these addictions on both individuals and society.

Help Line:

Medi Foundation is using a TRNC Government dedicated centre where advice and support services relating to smoking, alcohol, material, gaming, and technology addiction are directly provided.

  • If you suspect your child, friend, neighbour, student or any of your relatives are having trouble with addiction and do not know what to do.
  • If you want to get information about addiction.
  • If you are using material and want to get help without any legal problems.
  • If you are an alcohol / material user and want to quit,
  • If you want to know about the legal situation and treatment opportunities in our country,
  • If you stop drinking alcohol / material use but still have the desire to use material and are finding it difficult to deal with it.
  • You can call 1191 – the addiction, consultation, and support help line 24/7.
  • This service is in the strictest confidence (English speaking support)

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