September 28, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

My deep interest in music is well known. However, frequently my preferences in this field change.

Pop music has always remained my most favourite field, but I have also travelled to folk, rock and all other fields.

In music I always take special interest in the combination of instruments, and the way they become part of the song. Indeed it is not easy to bring many different sounds in such a combination so that the end result would attract the listener. The way the totally different sounds of drums, guitars, saxophones, clarinets, piano, violins, etc etc, have been mixed up and harmonised with the song and the tune.

But this is not all, frequently it is the words of the songs that start fascinating me. There are many songs which do impress on an overall basis, without having any real meaning or message in the words themselves. However, there are many other songs which are very well written, with every word appearing rightly placed and contributing to the overall message.

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Recently I came across the song “Message in a Bottle”.  I had heard the song before, and liked its tune and music. Yet I had never concentrated on the words. Just yesterday I read the words and sensed the real message in them.

This particular song reminded me of my previous column, published last week, where I had tried to list down the problems that our world is facing and had mentioned that only a big shakeup can sort everything out. When I listened to this song in the background of that column, I understood the meaning of the words much better.

Here are the lines of this song, which really attracted me.

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