September 28, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

I sometimes feel that I am really fed up. Fed up with the way that we are living. Fed up with the way our days and nights are passing. Fed up with the way the whole world is being run now. I am fed up with the television, the radio, the newspapers, the magazines.

Of course, I am fed up with the internet, with Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, what’s app, and all other social forums. I am fed up with chatting, mailing, exchange of files and photos, and videos.

Yes, I am fed up with seeing and watching the same videos being shared everywhere. I am fed up with seeing the same photos on various sites on the internet, shared repeatedly. I am fed up with reading the senseless arguments that people write under each of these.

I am fed up with going through the fake news, photoshopped photos, and altered videos.

On the other side, I am also fed up with the unending wars in the world. Wars which are continuing, shifting from one place to another of this globe. Wars which mean the killing of human beings, both soldiers and civilians, just to get some political and material gains.

I am fed up with hunger. Every day we see people, mostly children, dying of hunger or malnutrition. They die just because someone else is eating their share of food. I am fed up with the way natural resources have been distributed. I am fed up with the unjust distribution of natural wealth.

I am fed up with the issue of racism. The blacks, the whites, the brown, the yellow. I am fed up with people judging and behaving on the basis of the colour of their skin. I am fed up with the laws which are against racism on paper only but fail to change human behaviour.

I am fed up with the dividing of people on the basis of their religious or other beliefs.

I am fed up with the educational systems which in general aim to provide a working force to the production units, and not to develop a good human being.

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I am fed up with the health systems in which some people get the best possible facilities whereas others do not get any medical attention at all. I am fed up with  “a patient cured is a customer lost” mentality.

I am fed up with the way we all run after money, due to which we no more care about our health.

I am fed with the system where one works for the whole of his life, to buy a house, a car, to pay the rent, bills, and for the education of the children. All this puts us under extreme pressure which leads to various health problems for us. I am fed up with the system where we forget ourselves, just to pay our bills.

I am fed up with the international boundaries, the visas and other formalities, which bar people from moving freely from one place to another on this globe.

I am cutting this article short because I know you are now fed up reading this.  So if you are really fed up, it means you are with me.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I am Fed Up!

  1. I’m fed up of being taken for a mug & ripped off by self appointed builders & gardeners who only want sterling cash??? Where are the honest genuine trades people???

  2. As long as I can remember it’s been that way. I served in Cyprus in the 50’s dureing the troubles and it was the people that paied the price for the split. Now that half the Island is in the EU that in it’s self makes any negotiations twice as hard MCH

  3. I am fed up that I was not left to enter to TRNC from the Metehan border on July 1 by the greek border control. I have an Austrian passport and a Turkish kimlik card as my husband who passed away was a TRNC citizen and I have a home there. I had to fly back to Vienna. Hilde Zia

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