October 6, 2022

In the statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Greek Cypriots do not have the rights in the regions where the British sovereign bases will be opened for civil use. The said bases gained their status as a result of the agreement signed between the three Guarantors and the Two Parties ”.

In the statement, it was reminded that the agreement signed between the Greek Cypriot Administration and the UK to open civilian areas of the Sovereign Bases Regions for civilian use has reached the stage of implementation and it was announced by the Greek Cypriot authorities.

The statement included the following :

“As it is known, the Sovereign Bases in question emerged within the framework of these agreements, which were signed by three Guarantor countries that are parties to the 1960 International Cyprus Treaties and the Leaders of the two Peoples on the island. In the light of these facts, any amendments to be made without the knowledge and approval of the three Guarantor countries and all two parties on the island are a clear violation of both the 1960 Cyprus International Treaties and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.

In the light of these facts, although the Turkish Cypriot side and the people living in the region are closely related to their rights and obligations, these changes that are not made without our knowledge, not negotiated with us and not approved, should not be expected to bind the Turkish Cypriot side. As it is known, not only the Greek Cypriot People but also the Turkish Cypriots have the right in the mentioned base regions. It is a very problematic approach to try to create the impression that the Greek Cypriots have the say and authority in these areas as well, and they carry the risk of confronting the two peoples on the island.

On the other hand, the Turkish Cypriot side has always taken care to show the necessary sensitivity in similar situations. As a matter of fact, a zoning plan for the Beyarmudu region was prepared in consultation with the authorities of the British Bases Region in the recent past and this plan was published in the Official Gazette in December 2019 and came into force.

It was assured that the citizens who continued their lives in the relevant regions by making the highest level of initiative regarding the agreement signed in 2014 with the British authorities, would not be adversely affected by the agreement. At the point reached, an initiative was made by the Ministry before the British authorities and the issue is closely monitored. ”

Source: (Turkish)  TRNC Public Information Office



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  1. We should start doing whatever we consider correct, such as Opening Marash with out consideration and making the LARNACA Road as the new Border al the way to the Sea and including theHala Sultan Tekke, Unilaterally.
    That should answer a questions for a start.

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