September 26, 2022

Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel promoted the “Stay Safe” certificate program and the new website of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment at the launch, held live on the social media address of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and held for the first time in the official digital environment in TRNC.

Minister Ünal Üstel

In his speech at the digital launch meeting, Minister Üstel said, “An epidemic that affects life negatively on a global scale has affected us as well as the whole world. Thanks to the timely decisions and the will shown by our people, no new case has been encountered in Northern Cyprus for a long time. Within the framework of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the normalisation process has started gradually in our country, and life is returning to normal in a pleasing way.

The fact that our country took control of the global epidemic COVID-19 in a short period of time and then entered into a controlled opening process and the tourism enterprises of our country’s locomotive sector also opened in a controlled manner. ”

“Accordingly, under the coordination of the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association, our efforts to complete the certification system with the determination of the criteria for tourism businesses and the fulfillment of the conditions required for the initiative have been completed, our tourism establishments that have performed the works that meet the criteria and are entitled to receive the“ Stay safe ”certificate as a result of the inspections, Minister Üstel said, “Stay Safe” certification application requires tourism enterprises to comply with advanced hygiene standards and take the necessary measures in order to protect public health.”

Minister Üstel continued his speech as follows:

“The companies that have passed the audits will be able to receive their “Stay Safe Certificate” and badge and continue their activities. In this way, maximum security is aimed in the sector. Our Ministry has provided a safe holiday opportunity on our safe island.

On the other hand, the new tourism portal visitNCY project, which aims to introduce the natural, cultural and historical values ​​of our country to the world with the aim of becoming a brand that is recognised at a single glance, has been achieved today at the end of an intensive process.

Also, visitNCY will use social media effectively. The portal, which will be in constant interaction with its users with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram accounts, aims to respond to changing user needs by adapting to the demands and requests of the users.

VisitNCY was prepared in accordance with today’s standards, as well as to be updated and enriched in the future. In this way, our units will constantly enrich our Tourism Portal with works such as content enrichment, updating event calendars, adding new languages, managing social media accounts and live support.

This portal is our window to the world, our showcase. This portal is all of us. We are waiting for your support. Travel agencies, tourism stakeholders, our guides and all our people use #visitNCY in your posts, link to our portal. Let’s introduce our country strongly to the world.

Our Ministry, which aims to reveal the natural, cultural and historical values ​​of our country, protect, develop, introduce it to the world, and pass it on to future generations, will continue its activities by considering the security of our country.”

Following the speech of the Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel, Latif İnce, the Director of Tourism Promotion and Marketing Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, promoted, the new premier of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

İnce, “As of today, our new brand VisitNCY and Tourism portal, which is the new digital window of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has been launched.

Our hope is, with this step taken by our Ministry, to introduce our country strongly as a holiday destination, to access wider markets faster and easier and to support all tourism stakeholders with this comprehensive study.

With its user-friendly design, mobile compatibility, rich content, interactive features and infrastructure that is open to development, our new site has now been published in 2 languages, Turkish and English, and we aim to be published in 4 languages ​​in a short time with the addition of German and Russian languages.

Our tourism portal contains more than 200 topics in every language and text consisting of more than 75,000 unique words.

Map support for the rich content of 9 main categories and 6 main destinations including historical and religious places, natural beauty, culture, gastronomy, health tourism, wedding and honeymoon, sports activities, sea and nightlife.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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