September 26, 2022

By Trevor Hughes ….

Fire Outbreaks

The Met Office has warned us that so far this year temperatures in the TRNC are higher on average than normal, making grass extremely dry and easily open to fire outbreaks. Notwithstanding idiots starting fires deliberately claiming to “have been told by the devil to start them”.

With the current high temperatures, the Government has warned to expect cuts in water supply until the pipeline from Turkey has been repaired, hopefully by July this year. Play your part in helping to reduce water usage and where ever possible to conserve this precious commodity.

Those of you who are stuck in a different country and can’t get back here because of the COVID-19 lockdown should be aware that if you suspend your car insurance until you are allowed back into the country, not having your insurance renewed may not be the wisest of decisions! Have you seen the amount of devastation the latest fire outbreaks have caused, here? Remember, a fire burns everything in its path and has no regard what it destroys and to whom it belongs. You could come back here and are left with the need to purchase another vehicle through no fault of your own. Quick note: third party insurance does not cover fire damage.

House Break-ins

With the lockdown placed upon us due to COVID-19, it means many people have been stopped from working, making money for these workers in short supply. This may lead to an increase in home thefts/break-ins. Many people are on the minimum wage at the best of times and with people not getting paid, even that because desperation creeps in and they see lax home security as an easy target to rob which will enable them to buy food. It’s time to be extra vigilant and take security seriously and that of your neighbour’s property. If you suffer from theft, it can be very disconcerting and one never to forget. It only takes a few moments to go around your property ensuring all doors and windows are locked before you leave!

Customer Satisfaction

Below is a copy of an email I received from a satisfied customer. It’s comments such as these that make the job worthwhile.

Posting on Kib Kom

Had an argument with another car last week and mine came out the worst, the other car barely had scrapes on it!

Immediately after it happened, I called Trevor Hughes, our agent for Capital Insurance. While we waited on the police arriving, Trevor organised a tow truck, my car booked in for repair and a courtesy car for the duration.

Only 2 hours after the accident and after a visit to the police station, I collected the courtesy car supplied by Capital Insurance, a lovely Nissan Juke, don’t mind if I do! So, pleased with the service I received from Trevor and Capital Insurance, no paperwork needed to be completed by me, Trevor organised everything and has kept me up to date throughout about the progress of my repair.

Trevor provides that personal touch which makes all the difference and is why we have all,our insurances with Capital Insurance. Thank you, Trevor, for making it so easy at a time when you least need any obstacles”

Temporary Residence

Now that there is some easing of the restrictive measures which were put in place by the Government to protect us from COVID-19, the Ministry of Interior has resumed processing Temporary Residence applications. However, the Immigration Department in the main police stations in major towns are still closed for the time being. It won’t be long before normal service will be resumed and the acceptance of new applications will continue. Quite how they will comply with social distancing remains to be seen.

Excellent Services Provided by a Local Kitchen Designer/Fitter

If you are considering having a new kitchen fitted, extended or having some minor alteration, you won’t go far wrong by contacting this local company. He comes highly recommended because of his competitive prices, excellent fitting skills and a keen eye for quality.

Below is a photograph of some of his excellent finished work and contact details. His English is limited, however, if you ring me on 0533 844 3404, I can provide a translator for you.

  1. His company name is Mekan Mobilya Furniture and his range of expertise is: –
  2. Wardrobes
  3. Bedroom Suites
  4. Dining Table & Chairs
  5. Plasma TV Units
  6. Decorative Models
  7. Front Entry Doors
  8. Bedroom Doors
  9. Decorative Pergolas & Garden Wall Fencing

A wide range of carpentry to suit individual choices.

South Cyprus

South Cyprus has released news, their Government is prepared to refund the cost of tourist holidays and also pay for hospital treatment for any tourist catching COVID-19, whilst holidaying there!!

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays in the month of June.

Do take a look take a look at the most recent weekly enewspaper

For any further information please email me through the contact box below or at Capital Bank in Alsancak.

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