September 28, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Freedom to move is one of the basic human rights. But is it really so in the world? As I look around, I find that humans do not have a right to move.

I must clarify, that by the world “move” I do not mean to “move and settle at some other place in the world and working there”. I am not talking about the people who move to a different country in search of better life or better working conditions and better earning.

What I mean here is a right to go around the world, to travel and to see the whole world.

I find that humans do not have a right of free travelling. Indeed they can travel freely inside the boundaries of their own country. But does their country represent the whole world? Unfortunately not.

For example I want to go out and see the whole world. There are too many people like me, who dream like I do. However most of us, cannot make our dreams a reality.

The first hindrance is money. Abundance of money is the prime requisite to travel. Not all of us have sufficient financial means to pay for the transportation, to pay for the hotels to stay, and to pay for the food. So what could be the answer?

The next problem is to get a visa for other countries. The residents of some countries are lucky enough to go and visit other countries without visa, but not all are so lucky. Most of us have been given a long list of documents by the Embassies of a number of countries, to be submitted, as a pre-condition to apply for a visa. Most of us fail to present and get approved all these required documents. Usually Embassies call the visa seeker for personal interview, which frequently comes as a last hindrance which most of us fail to cross.

Looking at the above two basic problems, that stops me and others like me from going and seeing the world, I believe that these are not too difficult to be sorted out. I understand the reason why different countries exercise visa restrictions, and do find them justified in most of the cases.

But still I believe in a visa free world.

I believe that we all can go out and see the whole world. It is not a big issue, and can be solved easily.

Firstly all humans should tour the world just to see it, and not to look for better living and earning. If all humans start thinking this way, the countries would not impose visa conditions, as practically each and every person would be entering into and going out of all the countries in the world.

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Secondly, all travellers, who do not have sufficient funds, should travel on foot or by hitchhiking. It is not a big issue. All that we need is fitness, determination and mutual trust.

Thirdly, everyone in the world would make it a point to feed the travellers and provide them with a place to sleep for the night. This too is not a big problem, because each of us would be providing board and lodging facilities to others, and at the same time we also would be getting the same facility from others.

At the same time I understand that it is almost impossible to fulfill the above three basic conditions. It is impossible for all of us to be honest, trustworthy, cooperative and helpful.

Keeping in mind the fact that all that I had written above is just a dream, and will still remain a dream, I believe that I have a right to go around the world and see the nature.

Am I wrong? I believe that I am right, just like John Lennon had imagined.

1 thought on “I have a Dream of Freedom of Movement

  1. I am in sympathy with Ahmet Bey, but at the same time would like to point out that Humans restrictive travel abilities are Men Made.
    If one considers all the other Creations of Mother Nature, all Others happened to have Natural boundaries built in to their abilities to Exist. Most of them are physical requirements for Existence.
    I would State that Humans Greatest achievement has been theirs adaptation to braking the barriers that restricted their abilities to survive under the Climatic barriers that the Mother Nature’s creations had initially put upon us.
    It initially created the Human very inadequate to survive let alone raise above the other animals abilities.
    That shortage of survivability against the Natural difficulties and abilities to feed protect our self against other creations Predator capacity has forced the creativity of Humanity to raise themselves to our president and future levels.
    So I would State that the Only Restricts to Humans is Thamselves.

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