December 11, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …

Many people have been totally fed up with the isolation during the lockdown period but as the isolation did not affect our normal lifestyle very much, my personal grouse has been feet and hair.

Thank goodness on 20th May, barbers and hairdressers were allowed to re-open in the TRNC, with certain hygiene measures to be complied with at their premises.   As I normally have a hair appointment at Nulten Oral in Alsancak, to coincide with a visit to my chiropodist – Amanda Perry-Harding, I was delighted when she contacted me to arrange an appointment.   My poor feet have been suffering, especially with the sudden heatwave, so I cannot wait to have some TLC and, as my mother always said, the feeling of walking on air. 

So this is the feeling I will have on 27th May when Amanda gets to work on my feet.

I am aware of the strict control which will be in force at Nulten Oral, no waiting inside the salon, mask must be worn, gloves/hand sanitiser, and a temperature check on entering the salon, a small price to pay to get back to some sort of normality.  

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