September 26, 2022

Prime Minister Tatar reacted to a joint declaration adopted by Egypt, Greece, France, Greek Cypriot Administration and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and said ‘some countries are trying to advance their hidden plans to usurp the rights of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot people in the Eastern Mediterranean.’

Tatar stated that the joint declaration indicates the sinister plan as France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have nothing to do with the Eastern Mediterranean but have united with Greece, Greek Cypriot Administration and Egypt against the rights of Turkey and TRNC.
Prime Minister Tatar mentioned: ‘Those countries which criticised Turkey’s drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean is far from the realistic and cooperative approach and also this benefits neither them nor the region.  What is needed is cooperation and not ignoring the rights of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot people in the region. Greece and Greek Cypriot Administration must establish dialogue with Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’
Tatar pointed out that Turkish Cypriots have as much rights as the Greek Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean and said ‘neither Turkey nor the Turkish Cypriot people will remain silent over attempts to ignore these rights’

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “Tatar reacts to Egypt, Greece, RoC, France and UAE declaration

  1. Pathetic bunch of politicians trying to justify their susceptible egos. Greece is a country of no relevance but like the South Cyprus at least is in the correct part of the World as is Egypt, another country of no political relevance other than having to be friends with Israel to be able to receive the much required US of A financial and military assistance.
    The other lot are only in the picture for reasons that they can only justify to themselves and not even to their electorate if they have any?
    The South Cyprus lot appears to be lost in a maze of their making but forgot to build a way out.
    I think they need help from someone, but they should stay clear of the Orthodox Church.

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