March 23, 2023

We have received the following information from the British High Commission in Nicosia which we are sharing for those readers who may have the same questions to ask. 

Frequently Asked Questions from British residents in the north



  • Q  I want to return to the UK but there are no commercial flights. How can I fly home?
  • A  Turkish and Pegasus Airlines have suspended their flights to the airport in the north. There are some repatriation flights available from Larnaca. If you are interested to get a seat on those flights, please send an email to
  • Q  I am a UK national residing in northern Cyprus. How can I return to my place of residence?
  • A  Most crossing points are closed to the public and Turkish Cypriot authorities don’t allow any foreign nationals to cross to the north.

Lockdown measures

  • Q  Are the Turkish Cypriot authorities implementing lockdown measures?
  • A  Turkish Cypriot authorities are implementing a partial curfew until 4 May. People are only allowed to leave their homes for essential shopping from markets and pharmacies as well as going to banks and operational government offices. Permits are not required for going to these places. However people need to travel to the shops that are closest to their residences.
  • Q  What if I want to go out for other essential reasons?
  • For any other urgent business people can ask the police for permission by sending a picture of their identification documents or passports and the reason for travel to the following WhatsApp numbers:
  • 0548 811 0155
  • 0548 811 0156
  • 0548 811 0157
  • 0548 811 0158

You can also apply online click here.

Permission applications can be made 06.00 – 18.00 during the working days and between 07.00 -13.00 on Saturdays.

  • Q  Are there any changes in working times of shops, banks etc?
  • Markets have to close daily at 20.00, banks and pharmacies will return to normal working hours from 4 May. There is a full curfew in place between 21.00 – 06.00 until 15 May.

Anyone violating the curfew can be arrested by the police or fined.

  • Q  Can I travel between districts?
  • A  The travel ban between districts will be lifted on 4 May.


  • Q  What should I do if I am suffering from COVID-19 related symptoms?
  • A If you have COVID-19 related symptoms, including high temperature and/or a new persistent cough, you should call the health authorities on 1102 or 0533 850 11 88 or 0548 850 11 88.

Under the standard procedure, people showing the symptoms are tested for Covid 19 and if they test positive, they are placed under quarantine at the Nalbantoglu general hospital Nicosia and start receiving treatment.

  • Q  What should I do in case of any other medical emergency?
  • A  For any other medical emergencies people should call the emergency helpline on 112.

Financial Assistance

  • Q  Are British nationals permanently residing in the north entitled to any financial assistance?
  • Turkish Cypriot authorities have announced that employers are entitled to seek financial assistance for their employees in case their revenues drop because of COVID-19. Employees cannot seek for assistance on their own.

For more information go to UK in Cyprus: GOV.UK | Facebook | Twitter |

The office is open for telephone calls between 08:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday on +357 22 861100. *The public counters are open as follows: Alexander Pallis Street Office 09:00–15:30 Monday, Thursday & Friday. Shakespeare House 09.30-13.00 Wednesday & Friday.


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