September 27, 2022
  • As a result of the measures taken by the Famagusta Port Authority and Girne Port Authority against the COVID-19 outbreak, the personnel on vessels approaching the ports were prohibited from landing. With this ban, continuous information about the health of the crew of the ships approaching the port has to be made available.

  • It is necessary for the ship’s captain of vessels coming from Europe and 3rd World countries to assess the temperature values of crew for 7 days in the morning and evening and to supply this information 48 hours before arriving at our Ports. Ships from the ports of Turkey, flying the Turkish flag, will be required to notify the personnel temperatures prior to the berthing of the ships in TRNC ports.
  • The staff of ships arriving from other countries, except Turkey, are required to have COVID-19 tests.
  • Disinfection of the ship’s bridge, corridors, and contacted areas is requested on all ships arriving at our port before the pilot/captain leaves the ship.
  • It is obligatory to place a medicated mat on the boarding pier for the entrance and exit of the staff from the cargo ships approaching the pier.
  • Until 27 April 2020, all passengers, including TRNC citizens, are prohibited from entering the country from the ports, while measures are kept at the highest level for the transportation vehicles and drivers carrying goods to the country.
  • Administrative buildings in both ports, passenger lounges and ships approaching the ports are constantly disinfected, while the temperatures of the incoming drivers are also controlled.
  • While all vehicles coming to the ports by ship are sprayed by the municipalities, for the protection of personnel; While the pilots were allowed to go to the ships with disposable overalls, masks, gloves and hand disinfectant medication, the teams working in the port are obliged to wear masks, gloves and overalls. Necessary information and supervision is made to protect the people working at the port from the virus. 
  • In addition, all of the Turkish Cypriot Port Workers at the ports are wearing mask, gloves and overalls. A minimum number of port officers will arrive on the ships on the docks.
  • A disinfected pool was built in Girne Tourism Port. All vehicles pass through the disinfected pool.
  • A thermal camera was installed at the end of the passenger entrance corridor and the temperature of each passenger entering was taken.
  • While placing a mobile isolation room in suitable places outside the passenger lounges, utmost care is given to comply with all the rules until the passengers are sent to the quarantine places together with the teams of the Primary Health and Police General Directorate.
  • With the increase of country-wide measures against the epidemic, the number of civil servants for immigration and security was increased due to the excess of passengers leaving the country, while the number of officers was warned to prevent the density in the passenger lounge, and the departure procedures were taken in a safe and healthy way by taking the passengers in and out.
  • Information was obtained about this epidemic with regard to Turkey’s ports and harbours, and other countries are carefully monitored.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

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