September 26, 2022

We have been asked to share the following announcement by Kibtek in respect of a special discount being offered in respect of invoices for the months of April, May and June 2020

“ Announcement about the Special Discount to be applied on KIBTEK Consumption Invoice

According to the charter principles, approved by Council of Ministers, 15% discount will be applied on April, May, June invoices (Period 2020/04 : Period 2020/05 : Period 2020/06) and will be shown under the title‘’ Special Discount’’. The period total of the related period if not paid in advance and complete; the payment amounts will be controlled and in this regard applied 15% discount will be reflected on the next invoice as a debit.

Partial and late payments will not be taken into account.

This application is only valid for the periods that are mentioned above. “

6 thoughts on “KIBTEK special discount for April, May, June 2020

  1. I am afraid that I will not qualify as my payment for at least March will be late. This due to rhe fact that I am in the UK as the trnc would not let me back into the country in my scheduled date to return on March 21st. That is after I had just paid for 2 tears residency and medical insurance.
    Steve C

    1. This does not come into effect until April so if you get back in time to pay your April bill on time, you should get the discount which will be given on the bill for the following month.

    2. Hi, Download the Kibtek app it is so easy. Pay by card I use my UK bank card an the charges are negligible. Just paid mine this morning in under a minute once you have the app downloaded.

      1. Well said Alan if only people would learn to think laterally then problems can be overcome

    1. I would think so if the butcher is open. You can also pay online which is very easy.

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