September 27, 2022

By Richard Beale ………

Like many football Leagues throughout the world, it is unsure whether the season will recommence or simply finish due to the Coronavirus outbreak

Here in the TRNC the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation President Hasan Sertoğlu was hoping for a recommencement of the season on April 5/6th.

However because of the new Government “curfew” restrictions introduced last Sunday 22nd March, of course this will now not happen.

Before the curfew players could train but not in large groups, I can only speak for my local team Esentepe, that most afternoons small groups of players were at the Stadium practising, exercising, running, etc.

Since the curfew training is not possible and must now be done at home.

At present because of the virus nobody is sure if or when the season will start again.

There are 7/8 matches left to play in the K-Pet Leagues with ” Play Offs and Play Outs” to be decided as well.

As players are not training they will require at least 2 weeks preparation time for them to regain their fitness levels and to avoid any possible injuries.

The danger in Cyprus is the hot temperatures around mid June, good for slowing or killing off the virus but not good to be playing football.

Coaches Association President Süleyman Göktaş 

The majority of Coaches and players want to complete the season and this could be achieved by playing 2 matches a week an idea put forward by the Coaches Association President Süleyman Göktaş.

He added ” if the League restarts, teams can complete the 8 match week period in 4 weeks to play 2 matches per week, noting that the ‘best training’ is a football match”.

Maybe if the curfew restrictions are lifted on April 6, the season can start again weekend April 25/26 and be done and dusted by the end of May.

This is pure speculation of course and we hope that the strict Government controls eradicates the virus.

Liverpool’s Bill Shankly once said “football is more important than life and death”. Not controlling this Coronavirus is the difference between “life and death”.

The health of our loved ones, family and friends is of the utmost importance.


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