September 27, 2022

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel, together with the whole world, calls for unity and solidarity in our country regarding the Coronavirus epidemic, which is threatening health, “in order for the radical and aggressive measures we have taken as the Government, to be effective by taking care of the public health, it is essential that everyone cooperates.”

Minister Üstel said, “In addition to the struggle that our healthcare professionals are facing with a devoted and superhuman effort, you and our government, have important responsibilities in order for the measures we have taken for care of public health to be successful. “It is very important for both you and your loved ones to survive and be healthy, without compromising the fact that this responsibility is vital”.

Underlining that the most needed process in this period is unity and togetherness and responsible behaviour, Minister Üstel stated that it is inevitable that the measures taken by keeping the health of the society in the foreground, and also the economic problems, will be achieved.

Ünal Üstel stated that nearly 3,200 tourists in the country for winter tourism come from Germany, and reminded that the Ministry of Health intervened at the hotel where the tourists stayed, after a tourist from the German party tested positive.

Noting that the right measures have been taken and that the Minister of Health, Ali Pilli, has contributed with the devoted work he has displayed with his team, Üstel said that most of the quarantined tourists will be sent to their country today (25th March).

Minister Üstel pointed out that the German tourist group, where the coronavirus incident was first discovered in the TRNC, have started to return to their country in good health, with the flights today, “As the state of TRNC, tourists who chose our country were accommodated well and every effort has been made for them to return home in good health. Along with the world, our country will eradicate this epidemic in a short time and return to normal. We will look forward to welcoming back to our country in the future our guests, who returned to their homes with good health.”

Minister Üstel said, “I would like to thank the Salamis Hotel, the managers of our other hotels, employees, the health personnel serving in these hotels, the police, civil defense teams and the Ministry of Tourism staff for their valuable efforts in this extraordinary process.”

Minister Üstel stated that they will overcome these days with difficult and serious risks in a short time and believes that the global epidemic will end in a short time all over the world, “Our government is now united. All the attention and struggle of our government is for the protection of public health. All the measures we take and will continue to take are to protect public health. It is not the time of politics, it is now the time of unity and togetherness. “Our people’s compliance with our struggle, which we have carried out by presenting an exemplary scientific and medical process, plays a very important role in achieving and being effective”.

At the end of his statement, Minister Üstel thanked all healthcare professionals, members of the police, the Civil Defence Organisation, the TRNC people who supported the fight in a sensitive manner  in respect of the measures taken, and the sensitive business people who contributed materially and spiritually to the process with their valuable support.

Source (Turkish); Ministry of Tourism and Environment 25 March 2020

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