October 1, 2022

We have received from the Ministry of Tourism and Environment a statement made by Minister Ünal Üstel on the ADA TV programme which we are sharing as information for our readers.

Source (Turkish) : Ministry of Tourism and Environment – posted 23 March 2020

Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel participated in the Günaydın Ada program broadcast on Ada TV presented by Haluk Doğandar, and made important statements regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Minister Üstel stated that it is very important for citizens to act very carefully and cautiously in respect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is threatening the whole world with a global pandemic.

“Keeping the immune system strong, strictly following the hygiene rules, minimizing socialisation is the most basic method of protection. The partial curfew that was implemented as a government and started in the early hours of the morning of 23rd March was taken to protect public health. “It is compulsory for all our people to comply with it,” said Minister Üstel, underlining that the people should comply with these measures to allow the government to take precautions in order to achieve  positive results.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ünal Üstel, stated that the German tourist group where the first Coronavirus case was found in our country, have completed their quarantine period in accordance with the quarantine standards set by the World Health Organisation and will be sent back to their countries starting from 07:00 on Tuesday, 24 March.

Underlining that Germany is a very important destination for TRNC tourism, Minister Üstel stated that the comments regarding the treatment of the German tourists during the 14-day quarantine periods, especially, on social media, were not humane.

Minister Üstel remarked  “Although the world does not recognise the TRNC, we are a State. We are a state governed with a democratic, social, legal, and human-oriented structure. However, the economic core sector of our state is tourism.  With this understanding, those who choose to visit the TRNC are guests in our country and are under the protection and responsibility of the TRNC State. The German tourist group, which has been under observation for 14 days in Salamis Hotel, will be sent back to their country in good health starting from Tuesday, 24th March.”

Minister Üstel thanked the 80 healthcare workers, Salamis Hotel Management and the police officers who strictly followed the security measures during the quarantine, for the health care controls of the German tourist group, which was kept under observation for 14 days in Salamis Hotel.

The Minister stated that healthcare workers who are fighting the pandemic, which is threatening the world, are struggling with human life in an exemplary manner, at the same time organising health services without any disruption and especially with a courageous effort.  He underlined that we owe gratitude to the Minister of Health, Ali Pilli, who contributed greatly to the determination of the measures to be taken as a State in the light of the information received.

Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel pointed out that all of the measures taken as a government were taken with a view to public health, saying, “It is compulsory for everyone to comply with the partial curfew we have implemented as a government, which became effective in the early morning hours of Monday 23rd March. It should not be forgotten that these measures are essential for our own health and for the health of our loved ones.”

Minister Üstel underlined that we are in an extraordinary period of time, where unity and solidarity, not politics, should be the priority, “The only way to defeat this global threat is to fight in unity and solidarity. Putting aside the political and economic interests, it is the humanitarian duty of each citizen to implement measures that will protect the health of society as a whole.”

“Once again the Motherland Republic of Turkey is the only state which has been with us at all times, under all circumstances, and we give our gratitude and thanks,” said Minister Üstel, “the Republic of Turkey officials are in constant communication with the TRNC government officials, regarding medical supplies, as well as being with us in respect of financial support.”

At the end of his speech the Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel repeated his call to the citizens to stay at home.

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