September 27, 2022

By Richard Beale….

Following decisions by various Football Associations around the world to suspend football due to the Corona Covid-19 vırus, the President of the Kıbrıs Türkish Football Federation Hasan Sertoğlu issued a statement regarding football in the TRNC. The last matches were played on Weekend March 7/8.

Sertoğlu’s explanation is as follows:

“Precious football family… Uncertainty persists in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak, which we are in and measures are taken on our island. It is not possible to see ahead and predict what will happen tomorrow, as you know. As in all over the world, our people are afraid and concerned about Coronavirus in our country. Under the current circumstances, there are a number of measures taken by the Council of Ministers until 27 March 2020. Conditions go as expected and assuming that everything is going well after March 27, 2020, the earliest start date of football matches is 4-5 April 2020. In the process, we should be aware that our health is above all else and take personal measures in this regard. In this context, I ask that all our teams do not start sports activities until March 27 and to pay attention to the health of our sports brothers and sisters.

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