September 27, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

Sadly sport is now off the CyprusScene menu due to the Coronavirus situation and we will not be hearing much from Richard Beale unless he decides to write about all the jobs he is doing at home.

It’s strange however, through CyprusScene, how many friendships are made and old friends found and we were delighted to hear how keen football fan and Scouser, Phillip Lloyd of the Anglo Turkish Association had made friends with our Bristolian reporter, Richard Beale as he tells us as follows:


In case you are quiet for news at any time this tale may interest you.

I don’t know if Richard has told as he may not want to shout this from the top of the tree – although when I spoke to him yesterday evening (20th February), he was jubilant, but yesterday morning I finally met up with Richard and took a photo of him holding Ex Liverpool FC and Bristol Rovers player autobiography.

Nicky Tanner went to school and is still friends with my brother.

I sent my brother the photo, and within a couple of hours it was on Nicky Tanner’s Facebook page click here with CyprusScene mentioned. What surprised Richard was that Nicky Tanner then asked if he could be a Facebook Friend and follow Richard, whereas we both know it is normally the other way around (with people following the celebrities, not a celebrity following your reporter).

The reason I sent the photo was that when my brother told Nicky about me living here and that I was lending his book to a Bristol Rovers Fan, my brother said Nicky told him that he knew there were Liverpool Fans in Cyprus (which I am) but there was no way a ‘Gashead’ was in Cyprus, and if there was he wanted a photo to prove it — hence the photo!

When I sent Richard’s photo to my brother I said the following: – Richard has Nicky Tanner ex Liverpool & Bristol Rovers player his hand!

Richard Beale, Sports Reporter for CyprusScene Newspaper ( in Northern Cyprus believed to be the only ‘Gashead’ in Northern Cyprus.

Richard reports on North Cyprus football matches every week both via CyprusScene and his own Facebook Page, with his photographs also used by all other North Cyprus Newspapers.

Richard is going to upload the photograph to a Bristol Rovers supporters site and my photograph was taken at the 20 Temmuz Mete Adanir Stadium, Girne in front of a statue of the local hero Turkish Cypriot footballer Mete Adanir who played for Leyton Orient. 


Philip Lloyd

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