September 26, 2022

Health Minister Dr. Ali Pilli stated that the basic needs of tourists staying in quarantine in 3 hotels in Famagusta are being dealt with.

Minister Pilli stated that the tourists who have been under quarantine since the first day have not been left to their own destiny and that all their needs have been met, as reported otherwise in some media.

Hotel Managers are in consultation with the Ministry of Health and all medical items and supplies of hygiene materials, are being supplied for those in quarantine, and all new needs will continue to be met.  Doctors and healthcare team requirements for the tourists under quarantine are regularly met by our Ministry.  In addition to these controls, it was decided to deploy an ambulance in front of the hotels.

All necessary precautions have been taken in order to ensure that the tourists under quarantine do not have any problems regarding their needs such as food and hot and cold drinks.

In addition, there has been cooperation with the Municipality of Famagusta regarding the improvement of general cleaning and hygiene conditions.

Dr. Ali Pilli
Minister of Health

Source: Ministry of Health

Posted 15th March 2020

5 thoughts on “Pilli: “Basic needs of tourists in quarantine hotels will be met”

  1. Hmm basic needs! Currently quarantined at Salamis Bay hotel ‘basic’ indeed! No hot drinks since last Thursday

  2. Ikväll kl.23.25 kommer vi svenskar på Salamis hotell att återvända till Sverige. Jag vill tacka berörda myndigheter och hotell för all hjälp vi fått under vår karantän. Tusen tack 🌹👏👏👍

    1. Thank you, Brigitta and we have translated your comments for our readers and will also publish your happy news as an article.

      “Tonight at 23.25 we Swedes at Salami’s hotel will return to Sweden. I would like to thank the relevant authorities and hotels for all the help we received during our quarantine. Thousand thanks”

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