September 28, 2022

Theatre Days of Girne Municipality continues with the play “Woman” written by Cem Düzova, directed by Nazif Uslu, on 10th and 12th March (Tuesday and Thursday).

Woman” brought by Dramatic Performing Arts to the stage reveals the tragedy of our age. The play, which is a social confrontation about the drift of women to honour, domestic violence and suicide, tells stories from different women’s lives where music and words dance in the air and where stage aesthetics are effectively constructed.

Tickets for events are 20TL and can be obtained from Girne Municipality (0392 650 0100) and Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre Box Office (0533 821 2144).

Theatre Days Activities March Program of Girne Municipality is as follows:

  • March 12   ”Woman”
  • March 24  “Officer Moroccan”
  • March 26  “Crazy”

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