June 26, 2022

A Spokesperson of the United Nations (UN) Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), stated that they were concerned by the ongoing disruption caused to the people on both sides of the island due to the unilateral decision of the Greek Cypriot Administration to close some of the border gates temporarily.

In the written statement, it was emphasised ‘While the UN supports all effective measures to address any potential public health emergency, it is imperative for the two sides to coordinate closely in order to provide a comprehensive response. In this respect, the role of the bi-communal Technical Committee on Health is critical and should be utilised to the fullest.

The opening of the crossings since 2003 has allowed Cypriots freedom of movement across the island, contributing to a return to normal conditions and facilitating contact and interaction for those who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity. It remains essential that the sides preserve the dialogue and coordination they have displayed in mutually agreeing to the opening of the crossings which have been an important confidence building measure between both communities for the last 17 years’.

2 thoughts on “UNFICYP concern about ongoing disruption caused by border gate closure

  1. Can anyone tell me if the border closure effect holiday makers crossing from the south to the north, we always fly into Larnaca and then travel to TRNC.

    1. At present 4 border crossing have been closed.

      Now there are 2 reported cases of Coronavirus in the south and overnight 9/10 March of one in the north so just keep following the news for any changes in border crossing closures and or new regulations

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