Running a Marathon on a 280 meter long Road Track

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…

My love for running and walking is well known. I am a slow runner basically, just because I cannot run fast. I cannot run constantly since I do not have powerful lungs, but I love to cover long distances on foot, running and walking.

With this background, I have covered pretty long distances running and walking. Unfortunately it is usually very difficult for me to spare sufficient time for running. I have to create some time to run, since  I am active in more than one field all of the time.

For the last three years I have not been able to concentrate more on my running. I have been trying to keep myself fit, by running and walking for short distances whenever I could get time. Obviously ultimately I lost my old form.

I do not participate in races, since races have never been my goal. I run all alone, because I want to enjoy my running, by not exerting pressure on myself. Running and walking is my way of life.

All the runners usually keep their goals intact and work to attain that. My ultimate goal is to complete 365 marathons in 365 days. I have had this goal in my mind for a long period of time. I am committed to it though a long period of time has passed.

Completing a marathon in my terminology means covering a distance of 42 kilometres and 200 meters. Since I do not participate in marathons, I am free to create a marathon of my own.

In 2015, I had decided to run 60 marathons in a year’s time, as a gift to myself on my 60th birthday. I started completing a marathon every weekend. Unfortunately I could not continue that in the programmed way, due to various reasons. However, my ultimate goal of completing a distance of 42 kilometres 200 meters (marathon) every day for one whole year is intact.

I run on roads. I am not used to running in grounds or running tracks or treadmills. For years I ran from one city to another. I loved it that way, but carrying food and water was a problem for me.

So I decided to find some route which would start from my house and end at the same place. Luckily I charted out a road route, in my area, where I had been running mostly at night. Starting from my house, continuing on the main roads, going round a long distance in a circle, and ending at my house, I measured that as 5 kilometres. It was suitable for me.  Completing 2 circuits meant 10kms and 9 circuits 45kms. I completed many marathons on the same road route during the last few years.

However, I had to carry food and water, my first aid box, my tracksuit etc. which were put on a particular point on that route. Since for a marathon I used to pass through the same point at least 9 times, whenever I needed I could drink water or eat something or take off or put on my tracksuit, if I felt hot or cold.

Subsequently I got fed up with that route. Just recently I started running and walking on the road right in front of my house. Starting from the far end of the road in front of my house, to the other end and returning back, is 280 meters.

So I started running and walking on this self made 280 meters long road track. The biggest facility for me on this route is that I can get all sort of assistance from my house while running.

Nowadays, I am completing around 40 circuits on this self made road track. This means covering a total distance of 11 kilometers. This is not a bad start for me.

I am still unsure if I could complete a marathon on this 280 meters long road track? A marathon on this track means I will have to run/walk on this route 150 times. I am still thinking about it, since right now I am neither physically nor mentally ready for that. Not just that, also I do not have time to go for 6 or 7 hours to complete this marathon on this route past my house.

But this is my goal, and I am very eager to do it.