A delicious Full House Burger at Johnny Rockets Express

By Peter Toms….

After a visit to see our friend Tony Tiga at Tiga Motors, we were urged by Chris Elliott, your kyreniacommentator of and his intrepid Editorial Writer and Calendar Girl, Margaret Sheard, to pay a visit to the Erülkü English style supermarket in Minareliköy, Lefkosa near to Ercan airport to experience a burger at Johnny Rockets Express at this store.

They told us the burgers were to die for so off we went with a view to filling a shopping trolley at the supermarket and on to Johnny Rockets. The supermarket is huge, as many will know, and there is a warehouse style section within the supermarket which is just as large. Not wishing to miss anything we trundled every aisle with our trolley and then trundled every aisle in the supermarket to fill our trolley. Good workout this!  Hunger now at its peak and even Wendy, a non-burger eater, can’t wait to get there. 

A lovely clean restaurant and very friendly staff, photos of both attached and including hungry diners munching their Johnny Rockets and on their menu was the penultimate Smoke House double burger which should come served with a step ladder.

Upon our dear friends’ recommendation we ordered a number 9, a Full House, consisting of turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, grilled mushroom, caramelised onions and Johnny Rockets Rocket Rose sauce. You need a very big mouth to take a bite of this and as Wendy and I don’t have very big mouths (some might disagree) but hey ho! what the?  

Got to admit we cheated and had it cut in half and what a delicious experience of mingled flavours and juicy elbows.

Great recommendation Guys and this is now on our calendar for a monthly visit for a shop and a stab at the Double Smoke House which I think you would have to sit on first and squash it before you could take a bite.