Cafe de Liman, Girne, meeting for lunch with an old friend

By Margaret Sheard ….

28th January 2020, was a cold and grey day but we had arranged to brave the elements and have lunch at Cafe de Liman in Girne, with our friend Kate who hails from Belarus and who we hadn’t seen for a considerable time.

Kate arrived with her eldest son, Misha (Mikhail) who is now 6 years old.  We sat inside in the very nicely decorated and comfortable dining area and had a look at the many different choices on the menu, which includes a large selection of Japanese dishes.  We placed our order for a starter and main course and then had a long chat about what has been happening in Kate’s life as well as our own.   During our conversation an appetiser arrived, which was very welcome.

Chris and I ordered French Onion Soup for a starter and Kate chose a Japanese dish.  They were all delicious.   This was followed by our main course, which again was extremely good, well presented and very different from the choices in many other restaurants.  Only Misha decided on a dessert, which looked very nice and he really enjoyed it. The service was very good and the young lady serving us was very attentive in topping up water glasses and clearing dishes as soon as they were finished.

While we were enjoying our food it started to rain and, on looking through the large windows, the sea was dark and very uninviting, the clouds were low and the outlook was pretty miserable, however, I could foresee sitting there in the summer looking out onto a beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea with the sun shining and people strolling along the promenade in their summer clothes.  I think this will be a must as there is also a very large outside dining area, partly with canopy cover, so this will be a lovely place to sample some more of the very nice choices on the menu.  To see more of the choice of dishes visit their Facebook page by clicking here 

After Kate and Misha left we were joined by Murad Gasym-zade, who is the Art Director and arranges many cultural events at Cafe de Liman.   He is from Moscow and speaks very good English so we spent a long time talking to him about his plans for the restaurant to provide entertainment for the enjoyment of the guests.  He told us that at least three times a week, there is live music in the style of jazz, soul, pop, ethno sounds on the stage, on other days it can be karaoke, a show program or relaxation music, or a chamber quartet. Many pop stars love to perform at Cafe de Liman, since they can organise events of high quality.  This information can also be seen on the events section of the Facebook page mentioned above.

Special events can also be arranged for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings etc. For further information call 0533 8553505, Turkish, English and Russian spoken.

This was my first visit to Cafe de Liman and I must say I was very impressed with the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant and definitely the food. 

Photos are a mix of those taken by Kate, Chris and some from Cafe de Liman Facebook page.