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Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, January 2020 newsletter

By Chris Elliott …..

The New Year is well underway and we are pleased to be able to share news of the January 2020 newsletter from The Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch. Chairman, Dave Horsfall.  He writes of the building of comradeship with the RBL Branches in the South, as they saw both Larnaca and Paphos members joining the Kyrenia branch in various events over the last year which allows Kyrenia branch to widen their knowledge and together with other branches become stronger as a Legion.

The Royal British Legion (RBL) is a registered charity in the UK (No. 219279) which provides financial social and emotional support to millions who have either served or are presently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependents.

The Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch was very active with fundraising for the 2019 Poppy Appeal and raised a superb figure of 38, 245.54TL They are also developing a series of fundraising events as shown under that will be also shown in various CyprusScene calendars as more information becomes available.

    • 2020 Calendar –
      26th February – Beer and Natter at Jessics Bar.
      4th April – Grand National Alternative Races at the Olive Press.
      23rd April – St George’s Day at the Black Olive.
      8th May – VE Day Party at the Wild Duck.
      22nd May – Gala Night at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel.
      19th June – Royal Ascot Alternative Races. Venue TBA
      29th June – Armed Forces Day.

For those readers who may wish to join the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch please click the following to visit their Website and Facebook page to gain more information..

For those readers who may have internet issues which spoil their reading of this newsletter shown below please click here to download the newsletter as a PDF file.