Coronavirus statement from Health Minister Pilli

 “There are currently no Coronavirus cases in our country”

Minister of Health Ali Pilli made statements about the new type of Coronavirus, which has occurred in China and is spreading to other countries.

Even though there is no occurrence in our country at the moment, Minister Pilli emphasised that there is no situation and our people should be alarmed in this regard;

“All of our necessary research on the status of this virus which is emerging in Wuhan, China, and what precautions to take, has been initiated by our Ministry and a risk assessment meeting regarding the new coronavirus infection was held on 24th January, following all researches.

In order not to create any mis-information and panic on the subject, we decided to inform the public following the meeting on the 24th January.

Although there is no occurrence of the virus in our country at the moment, I would like to emphasise that our people should not panic about this issue.

At the meeting, the measures to be taken in order to prevent a possible epidemic in our country were decided by discussing what to do in the case of a person with the disease caused by this virus, all relevant stakeholders were informed and an action plan was prepared.

Undersecretary of the Ministry, Director of the Ministry, Managers of TSHD and YTKD, Head of the Medical Association, infection experts of the ministry, and the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, attended the meeting held at the Ministry.

Our recommendation to our people is that they pay attention to general hygiene issues at the moment and if possible not to travel to the regions where the epidemic has occurred.

I would like to underline once again and emphasize that, as the Ministry of Health, all necessary measures have been taken to prevent our people from being affected by the new type of coronavirus seen in the world.  We continue to follow the matter with all our relevant units. Necessary information and evaluations on the subject will be made by our Ministry.”

Source:  Ministry of Health