Health Minister Pilli: “Let’s be sensitive about organ donation”

On the 16th of January,  the family of a patient with brain death donated the heart and a heart transplant was performed on a 57-year-old patient at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital. Lefkosa.

On the same day, kidney transplantations were performed on two patients aged 59 and 65 in the hospital.  It was announced that the patients who had heart and kidney transplantations were in good general health.

With the participation of Minister of Health Dr. Ali Pilli, a press conference regarding organ transplants was held at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital.   Health Minister Pilli and experts called on the public to “Be sensitive about organ donation”.

50 year old Veli Çelik, who underwent the first heart transplant 9 months ago, also attended the press conference, explaining that he was in good health and repeated the call for sensitivity for donation.

According to the information given, in the TRNC since the first live transplant was made in 2015, 45 kidney transplants have been performed, 28 of which were from cadavers and 17 from live donors.  Kidney transplants from cadavers in the TRNC is 20% while in Turkey the cadaver transplant rate is 62%.

Health Minister Dr. Ali Pilli said, “This success is in our country, and in our hospital. We have infrastructural shortcomings, but even under these conditions, very good work is being carried out… I congratulate the teams ”.

Source: Ministry of Health