June 9, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

There are people who love running. They run for short and long distances. They participate in running events and work hard to improve their performance. Gaining a better time is their goal.

Then there are people who make running their way of life. For them running is just as sleeping or eating is for us. Among them are some who take their passion for running to unprecedented distances. 

ROSIE SWALE POPE, a 73 year old lady, who is on her way to walk all the way from Brighton (UK) to Kathmandu (Nepal) is one such extraordinary person who has become known for doing awesome adventures.  Throughout her life she has aimed for highly difficult adventures, and now at the advanced age of 73, she is on yet another extremely difficult adventure which carries all sorts of dangers. But she is doing it for two reasons. One is the very natural one, as she loves running and has made adventurous run/walk her way of life. Secondly she is doing this to support the PHASE Worldwide Network in Nepal.

Presently she is in Istanbul, and moving east to cross over to Georgia. She has to go through all sorts of weather hardships, as there will be snow everywhere as she moves ahead. However, as in the past, her courage, commitment, self confidence will help her meeting all sort of risks and dangers.

She is walking for about 7,000 kilometres, to reach her ultimate destination.

Rosie Swale Pope MBE, born Rosie Griffin on 2nd October 1946 at Davos, Switzerland, has some other fantastic achievements to her credit too. Hereunder I quote a few of her highly commendable adventures from Wikipedia.

“Beginning in December 1971, she sailed 30,000 miles, around the world from Gibraltar via Australia, with her husband and daughter. They ultimately reached Australia in 1973.

In 1983, she went for a successful solo sailing across the Atlantic, in a small 5,2 meters long cutter (boat). She also raised funds for a hospital in London.

Subsequently, she went for another adventure. In 1984, she went out for a 4,830 kilometers long journey on horseback, through Chile. This adventure took 409 days.

In 1999, she ran 1,610 kilometers solo across Iceland, starting from the Arctic Circle to the capital Reykjavik.”

I have quoted the above-mentioned adventures which are just a few of the major ones that she has achieved.   Throughout her life she has loved running and participated in marathons and various ultramarathons in different parts of the world and you can read more by on Wikipedia by  clicking here and on her website by clicking here.

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