The Soulist Christmas Market with Music held on 21/22 December

By Margaret Sheard …

The Soulist Coffee and Music House held their second Christmas Market with Music  on the 21st and 22nd December and again it was a very successful event.

We visited on Sunday 22nd December and were very impressed with the lovely layout of the market where there was a lovely Christmas tree and stalls selling hot and cold food items, there were also jewellery, gifts, and pet products stalls and on the Tulips stall there was Gluhwein which had been made by volunteer Connie (wife of Roland Eyerich co-organiser of the 2 day event). 

Roland told us the first day went extremely well for the market and also in the evening when there was music.  Towards the end of the evening it was Alper Cengiz and Friends’ performance and there was a change from normal as Alper took the drums and Roland said he was brilliant.  Alper ended with Purple Rain, which is a much loved favourite of everyone who visits the Soulist.

The music events were :

21st December :

Acoustic Duo – Hilmi Ozakin and Umit Tulumbaci

Gospel Choir – “Alight House”

Hugh O’Neill

Alper Cengiz & Friends


22nd December :

Kyrenia Chamber Choir

Salime Atalar (piano and vocal)

Myrrha Trio

On Sunday we stayed to hear the Kyrenia Chamber Choir who gave a lovely performance of Christmas music and carols.  There was a much smaller number of choir members than we had seen at another event the previous evening but they gave a brilliant performance putting everyone into the Christmas mood.  Iris Langford does a superb job with the choir which she conducted and they were accompanied by Zara Barkhoudarian (piano and vocal).  We were pleased to see our friend Katie Economidou there and at the end of the concert Katie also sang for the audience, although she had told us she had a bad cold, nevertheless she sang beautifully as usual and even persuaded Roland to join her.

As the sun went down the lights of the market came on which was a lovely sight and there were still many people milling around, probably waiting to enjoy the next music event of the evening.

Well done to the Soulist, Alper Cengiz, Roland Eyerich, Adeleh Mozafari, Connie Eyerich and all of the others who made this 2-day event such a success.  Thank you Roland for some of your photos.